The power of reflection in the creative process of making a new site-specific dance work.


This article focuses on feedback given by dancers and invited critical peers as part of my choreographic process for creating a new site-specific dance work Curiously Quirky Invasion, from March to May 2014 in the grounds of the University of Waikato, Kirikiriroa Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand. In particular I focus on an analysis of the feedback, and interrogate the complex ideas and multiple dialogues generated from the ways dancers and peers responded to what they had seen and experienced in the work. More specifically I examine how these responses filtered through my reflections, influenced and affected my pedagogical practice and the development of the choreography going forward, and how meaningful engagement with this feedback was embraced in relation to the development of this site-based dance. Finally, the surprises and sense of empowerment this feedback engendered will be highlighted, concluding with how this translated into the final dance piece.

@ The University of Waikato