Sensuous tracings and ecologies of connection


This article began its life as a presentation at the Leap Dance Symposium at the University of Otago in November, 2019. It is an autobiographical and auto-ethnographic tracing through a life of moving and dancing that has become an eco-somatic sensing, searching, surfacing, spiralling and intertwining of actions and ideas. There is a deliberate focus on my own personal story, and while I acknowledge that there are many others in the field working in a similar manner, this article does not set out to examine the work of others in any depth. Mention is made of artists and students who have influenced the direction of my life in dance. Although the length of my involvement in dance has seen me engage with a wide range of aesthetic, educational and philosophical concepts over more than five decades as an artist and educator, the focus of this article traces an eco-somatic journey.

@ The University of Waikato