Dance teaching pedagogy: A time for change


The dance world has a dance teaching pedagogy problem. The typical dance teaching model follows an authoritarian approach, which is increasingly criticised for causing more harm than good to our developing dancers. It is contended that this is not a necessary element of the equation of creating a competent dancer. Our experiences as developing dancers, and now as emerging dance teachers, ignited a desire to seek change. This desire to improve our own teaching led us to explore our own pedagogies and identify the need for increased pedagogical knowledge in dance teachers. Through research and practice, we have come to embrace a combined pedagogy that incorporates somatic and student-centred approaches as an alternative approach to dance teaching. This approach to pedagogy has the potential to create not only dancers but choreographers, teachers, creators and critical thinkers. The opportunity to protect the rights of young dancers is present and must not be ignored.

@ The University of Waikato