Reflexive turning in culturally pluralist pedagogy for dance education: A refractive prism of understanding


In this article, drawing on data that I collected from teachers during a doctorate inquiry completed in New Zealand in 2010, I explore critically reflexive perspectives that could empower teachers to implement culturally pluralist dance education. Using the imagery of a single beam of light passing through a prism, I locate issues for reflexive examination that arise when considering how to make sense of pedagogy and praxis in teaching culturally diverse dances from contextual perspectives within culturally pluralist pedagogy. The beam captures dance education in a culturally pluralist pedagogical paradigm. In passing through a prism it is refracted, splitting into its spectral component rays, each containing a separate expectation for teachers and requiring its own reflexive turn of thought. Consideration of these expectations is timely in terms of respecting the people who own the traditions we include in dance education and the changing ethnic mosaic of nation states globally.

@ The University of Waikato